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 AEF's return (12 Replies, Read 35063 times)
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Hello everyone :),

I am pleased to say that recently we have been given the rights to do our initial intents of releasing a more stable, bug free and more developed bulletin board.

Currently, we are working on AEF 1.1 along side of AEF 1.0.9.

AEF 1.0.x series is now feature locked. All feature suggestions will be considered for AEF 1.1 series.

We hope to release AEF 1.0.9 sometime during May which will consist of a few new features but most of all, bug fixes.

Spam Posts:
Last time we asked you to report spam posts, either spam bots reported legit posts or no body could tell the difference between a spam post and a legit post :). Please report any SPAM POSTS you find so we can delete those and make this forum a little more of a community forum and not a spam haven.

If you find any bugs, please also report the bugs so we can get those fixed in AEF 1.0.9.
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 Alex   AEF's return (12 Replies, Read 35063 times)
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