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 Google Prettify in bbcode? (0 Replies, Read 119125 times)
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I have tried for a while to implement Google Prettify...

Demo links:

http://reizero.biz/code.php?c=test-get.php  (php/html)
http://reizero.biz/code.php?c=FRQ.ino  (c++ like syntax)
http://reizero.biz/code.php?c=robotic_cans.split  (dual-file source code)

* These links are not connected to AEF.

Below is a sample script I wrote, but I don't know how to implement it as a mod to AEF.

<LINK HREF="resources/prettify.css" TYPE="text/css" REL="stylesheet" />
<SCRIPT SRC="resources/prettify.js"></SCRIPT>
</HEAD><BODY onload="prettyPrint()">

$code = "here the code would be highlighted with Google Prettify";

echo "<pre class=\"prettyprint linenums:1\"><BR>".htmlspecialchars($code)."</pre> ";
<NOSCRIPT>Error: This page requires javascript, which your browser does not support.<BR><BR>It is possible that javascript is disabled in your browser.<BR><BR>Enable it and/or update your browser and this page should work just fine.</NOSCRIPT></BODY></HTML>

How can I implement this, preferably with lets say the tag [src] ?

Thanks in advance.

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