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 Changes to the next version of AEF, Todo List since you all asked for ! (4 Replies, Read 10395 times)
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Hej Fans,
I've received many complaints about the lack of a to do list in the forum, thus I've decided to write this one for you.
These changes are official and will show up in the next version, however; We might remove/add/edit any part of this list so please subscribe to this  thread and keep updated !

  1. Totally new default theme -> Work in progress by SAFAD...
  2. Administration Panel rework
  3. Advanced Spam protection techniques -> Akismet Done by Cruz,Enhanced Captcha will be done soon
  4. Advanced Board Stats
  5. User Control Panel rework
  6. Split Topics
  7. Users Markup -> Done By Bishop
  8. BBCode Control
  9. Editor Enhancement
  10. Integration with Social networks
  11. Plugin system -> Almost finished by SAFAD
  12. RSS 2.0 -> Done by Bishop
  13. Internal CORE enhancements
  14. Your brain Lights here!

Have Fun !

Edited by SAFAD : August 16, 2011, 11:49 pm

Best Regards
Sadaoui "SAFAD" Abderrahim - Lead Developer
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Changes to the next version of AEF
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it is what the new version needs


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Changes to the next version of AEF
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Awesome man, that will definitely give aef new life!

For quick AEF help join our IRC channel :
Contribute to AEF: https://github.com/AEFGroup/Advanced-Electron-Forum

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Changes to the next version of AEF
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Programming addict
You really should use the milestones on GitHub for this ;)

(Make sure you keep 1 open issue or it'll automatically close the milestone <,<)

Looks great, I'll go back to formatting the code to make it easier for future updates :P

Proud to be a developer of AEF  :nerd:
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