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 Advanced Electron Forum is now opensource (2 Replies, Read 13090 times)
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Hello everyone,

We are Excited to announce that Advanced Electron Forum has became Opensource.
By modifying some terms in the previous license, now the users have more liberty to do whatever they want with the software without violating our rights and restricting them to steal our creations
The new license can be found HERE.

now you find here a small FAQ :

What now ?
we are going to post  a to-do list soon containing the changes that are going to affect the next version of AEF, and what is going to happen.

But Wait, what about the premium version you talked about ?
We kept that in mind and from what the community said there will be NO premium version, there will be  a Charter System.

A charter system, duh whats that ?
Users that Pay (or lets say, donate) get to enjoy AEF from another view, charter members can use AEF under another license (not the current one) giving them some extra freedom (lets say something about copyrights below) and access to the new versions before public.

Wait wait wait, so you are saying they get the new versions before anyone else, how can this be possible while everyone can access the modifications via the github repository ?
That's easy ! none knows which build is the stable build, the files hosted in github are unstable and not for use on public site, they are builds for test only
only the packages that contains stable versions are the one for public use and will be provided after many tests to make sure stability

So how much will charter license cost ?
We are not sure yet, but under 100$ it will be..

When you'll start using charter system ?
After we finish dealing with Bank Accounts and getting ready for it.

End of FAQ; please post any questions here

you can find the Github repository HERE

Best Regards
Sadaoui "SAFAD" Abderrahim - Lead Developer
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Advanced Electron Forum is now opensource
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Programming addict
Just so everyone knows, the new repository is at https://github.com/AEFGroup/Advanced-Electron-Forum

Proud to be a developer of AEF  :nerd:
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