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 Shoutbox again..! (1 Replies, Read 5786 times)
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You all must be thinking i am crazzy about shout box,

well yes i am kind of...

Ok, whlile looking at shoutbox.php in main dir.
i found this code..

//Are smileys allowed(Takes a query)
            $row['shtext'] = smileyfy($row['shtext']);
        $row['shtext'] = parse_br($row['shtext']);

now is it possible to add similes in it by adding this kind of code..

$strOut .= $message;
      $message = $strOut;

      $message = str_replace("[1]","Board Image",$message);
      $message = str_replace("[2]","Board Image",$message);
      $message = str_replace("[3]","Board Image",$message);
      $message = stripslashes($message);

If yes which variables i should look for in AEF

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