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 Major bug in the git repository (1 Replies, Read 10398 times)
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Hi all,
During last few months the AEFGroup Team was busy finding bugs in the current AEF (1.0.9/1.1 preview) release and fixing them.
We have pushed many commits to our git repository in github, sadly, a major bug appeared and it seems our commits are not saved properly in the repository and our hard work was partially lost.
We are working to solve this issue with help from github technical support team (thank you guys, you are cool !), and we will report back as soon as we can.
One last thing to mention is that we are a little bit far from releasing the new major release (1.1.0) since the theme rework is not complete yet (if you are a designer and able to help us finish it, contact us !) but we fixed almost all the known bugs, and we have increased AEF's performance alot.
The plugin system will make appearance in this release, and we have huge hopes that you (plugin developers/extend-ability fans) are going to love it !

We'll report back as soon as we fix the big and bring all the updates (7 months of updates) to the repository.

Best Regards
Sadaoui "SAFAD" Abderrahim - Lead Developer
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Major bug in the git repository
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Programming addict
The bug should now, by rights, be fixed.


Proud to be a developer of AEF  :nerd:
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