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 FreshAquaria (0 Replies, Read 51975 times)
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Website: FreshAquaria
Discussion Board: FreshAquaria Discussion
Description: FreshAquaria is the leading generation freshwater community and knowledgebase. We are a community that is highly involved with all aspects of freshwater keeping (no saltwater or brackish fish/setups) that is activity in communication with various breeders around the world (it's how we are able to provide current to new information to everyone so quickly when it gets released). We currently are still putting together our knowledgebase that will be packed full of any information related to diseases, fish species, invertebrate species, and more!

Join us today, even if you aren't into aquariums we do have plenty of members that might want to make you get started! Trust me, we'll help you with any size of aquarium, any previous experience, and also help you with all of the steps required to take care of it from the first day.

FreshAquaria - Freshwater Discussion and Knowledgebase
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