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 What the hell is happening ?!, where is the AEF TEAM SUPPORT ?! (3 Replies, Read 6560 times)
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drums.ro admin
Since couple of months everybody is gone, or not answering to the problems that happen with AEF Forum. What the hell is going on ? Where is everybody ?
AEF Forum is the best forum software I used untill now (and there were a bunch!), I don't want to change it for other software ! The new version of the forum is aspected by so many users and nothing yet, just 'it will be ready soon' <- that's what you keep saying from march or more. You are a bunch of clever people, I aspect from you a high quality 1.0.9 version, cause I respect your work untill now.
Get together and answer to the threads with problems, users are waiting for some replies and nothing yet.

Conclusion: get your ass to work !

Respect !

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What the hell is happening ?!
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you're right acidtech no one of the developers have said anything or is helping with bug's.... I have written a email to pulkit but I don't get a answer  :-( 
Nothing is going around here, there are only many users who need help... so i have make the decision that i and my team start to fix the bug's in Aef on our own. We will start our work in a few weeks when I am back from my holiday.

I know that AEF is a good software but it is buggy, and some things could be better...

We will make it ;)

We are looking for:
- English and German Supporters
- PHP Programmers
- Javascript Programmers

Contact me: support@afflatus-arts.com
we will start our work official on 1 August

Edited by Buster : June 29, 2009, 10:43 am

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What the hell is happening ?!
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Are you one of the mods? and i am also confused about the same question?

banned becose all posts are non-sense
This forum is not a joke

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