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 Shoutbox Features and addons available???, Plus, icecast, video, photo features etc (0 Replies, Read 5873 times)
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Hi, where can I find a full set of features for the shoutbox please, along with available addons that would help people have private chats within the shoutbox (not a separate shoutbox), add smileys etc? The shoutbox on here is a little basic but the forum look itself I like. So I'd like to know what I can do to it to have additional and useful features for members.

Anyone know of working demo's (a lot via search are dead links) that help show such variations?

I haven't installed this forum yet, since I want to know if it will suit my parameters within my site. In fact, I've never installed or managed a forum before, so a dummies guide and info would be of great use please.

Also, can the board accept icecast streams (I've seen someone show shoutcast works)?

Can members upload pictures, videos?

Here's a list of shoutbox requirements:

The shout/chat box needs to be able to do various things though:

1 - be live updating, not a widget (purpose of the chatbox is for live chat)
2 - show who is signed in to the box
3 - send a pm to another member/s
- allow "private" chats to be made within the regular chats (seen this
in a TS Special Edition forum app), not open a new chat window
5 - filter words
6 - smileys
7 - make backups of all chats to resolve any disputes later
8 - to ban a user from chat
9 - available to members only
10 - spam filters
- ability to show it on std. webpages, not just in the forum. This
feature does not necessarily need to work - as in people can jump into
the chat from any page - but to encourage them to join the forum and
enter the chat. Hence, chat restricted to forum members!
12 - bbcode
13 - edit/remove offensive/spam chat

Thx in anticipation of your helpful answers  :angel:

Also, just seen a comparison table (maybe old), which says that smartphones (and so tablets like Android) are not supported! Is this correct?

Again, where's a very full and detailed list of what the software does pls.

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