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 I have creation!!! (2 Replies, Read 5607 times)
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you should
create software can create theme AEF easier same as wordpress !!!
create plugin
change the plugin from the plugin to vBulletin AEF BB do so because if the source of the plugin AEF increased significantly know!
can help you create a plugin like a percussion program language is not? you are having problems with it (its a type of recycling for vBulletin viettyping but it is only able to type on the title and some other places without Vietnamese keyboard installed on your computer in time not write the article (it is a type using java Script know!)
and so on!!!!
I dont know you think this topic is spam! thank you if you reading it. :nerd:


:nerd: Tip for lifes :nerd:

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I have creation!!!
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Super Dooper Moderator :) guess who?
Yes, we were considering something like this a while back.

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